Technical Support Service

Offer for work carried out onboard vessels


1.    Technicians

SA-TS is able to provide service with skilled technicians for Main Engine repairs, overhauls, Auxiliary engines repairs and overhauls, turbochargers overhauls, thrusters overhauls, engines and alternators alignment (laser alignment), all kind of machinery repairs (in the engine room and on deck including windlasses, cranes etc).


2.    Welders

We can provide welders (on request with class certificate) for repairs during sea passages and in port (modifications, stevedore damages rectification).

We can offer complete service starting with preparing the repair proposal and procedures, approval with Class (before works commence).


3.    Cleaners and Painters

Cleaner and Painters – for all support works


4.    Boiler repairs

We have experience with boiler rebuilding (including delivery of certified materials and installation


5.    Propeller blades repairs

We have class approved procedures


6.    Ballast Water Management System

In cooperation with Hanla (Korea) or Techcross (Korea) we can make retrofits of the systems on vessels in exploitation.


7.    Repairs supervision

We can offer supervision of repairs made by third parties (including dry-dockings) by experienced engineers (ex-Superintendents).


8.    Parts delivery.

We can offer delivery of spares


9.    Some technicians are in possession of Seaman’s Books and BOSIET and HUET certificates.


* The Services will be carried out by our strategic partners MTS from Poland.

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